Friday, February 27, 2009

Help With This Mitzvah Project!

We received a letter from Matthew and Emily Goldsten from Woodmere, NY. Please read the below and try to help them with their inspiring Mitzvah Project. Deadline is Friday, March 6.

Dear Mitzvah Mail readers,

In light of our upcoming B'nei Mitzvah, we have begun to embark upon a mitzvah project to help raise the morale and overall well being of the soldiers currently stationed in or around the Gaza strip. Our goal is to help these soldiers compensate for the lack of civility on their tours of duty. We want as many soldiers as possible to feel the love and warmth of their fellow Jews in America.

Our project will be a book of words of kindness from all of you. Your letters will add up to become a small book that each soldier will be able to carry around with them wherever they go. The book will also include a t'filat haderech, a traveling prayer. This book will encompass the love and endearment we all share for these brave men and women.

We ask all of you to write a short letter, a sentence, a few words, or even just draw a picture to show what you feel for these Israeli soldiers. But, the book can't be that big because the soldiers will carry it around with them. Please, write what you really feel. Show the soldiers some endearment that is so precious to them. In that department, they are unfortunately and sorely lacking. We want them to really know how we feel, and that we support them until the end.

In order to have this project completed by the time we leave for Israel, we ask that your letters and pictures be e-mailed or mailed to us by Friday, March 6. You can send your finished products to or 99 Willow Road, Woodmere, NY, 11598.

Thank you!

Matthew and Emily Goldstein

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