Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Bar Mitzvah Bouncers: Offering Peace of Mind

We don't know about you -- but when we have more than 4 kids over our houses at one time, we feel like a bouncer is in order! Imagine an event with 104 or 204 kids! Bring on the Bar Mitzvah Bouncers.

The Bar Mitzvah Bouncers was started by a teacher, who has a great rapport with children and knows from spending his day in the classroom, how to keep everyone in line while still letting them have fun. Their goal is to let the kids have fun, yet keep things in order, while letting you -- the parents -- enjoy yourselves as well. You've spent a few years planning your child's Mitzvah - let yourself enjoy it!

We believe when you watch the Bar Mitzvah Bouncer's video -- the service sells itself! Tell them the Mitzvah Moms sent you if you end up giving them a call! You can reach them at 973-758-9800 or 631-367-1519.

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