Thursday, February 19, 2009

Artimus Art

We are officially on vacation this week - although our work is never done! (No one's work is ever done, is it?!) This week, we are working on getting organized, an ever-present chore! And since we have 5 kids between us -- well, you know how that goes! I know that I (Erica) move piles of paperwork from my counter to my kitchen table all day long. Piles of children's artwork, school papers and notices about upcoming fundraisers that I need to continually go through and pare down. I can part with the school papers and the notices - but the artwork! I hate to toss it, but how do you keep it organized??

Enter Artimus Art. This ingenius yet simple idea is for me! Dana Hostage takes your children's art and makes it accessible - she posts them online in a viewing gallery and creates a gorgeous book for you! You can even create e-cards using your children's art. There are 3 different packages with varying prices. There is a discount when you have more than one child! In my opinion, the cost is very reasonable considering the service you are being offered. And we all know the artwork of our children is priceless!

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