Sunday, April 26, 2009

Promom Winner Tama!

Tama's 10-year-old daughter entered our "Nom Your promom Writing Contest" with this terrific entry! Congrats, Tama! And thank you, Samantha! We hope you enjoy your new promom couture tee shirt and Happy Mother's Day!

My mom is super, and NO ONE can disagree.
With my mom, I can always feel free!!!!
I’m only happy when she’s happy TOO.
MY MOM IS SUPER, can’t you see!!!!!
My mom is super, so don’t disagree!!!!!
My mom can bake better then anyone in the world!!!!
Cookies, banana bread, apple pie, cake,
She can bake anything and I’ m always there for the take!
She can cheer me up just by being right near me,
I can always trust her and know she’ll be there for me.
Me and my mom share a great bond,
As she is also a beautiful blonde!!!

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