Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rock Those Centerpieces!

Last week, we asked for help on behalf of a reader, for ideas on what she can use as centerpieces for her child's upcoming Rock'n'Roll themed Mitzvah. We want to thank all of you for writing in with your ideas. We want to particularly thank Judith Feldman of Personalized Invitations and Printing and Michael and Judy Yublosky of A-BnC Parties for writing in with so many great ideas! Here's a few of our favorites:

1. Use a combination of items including a microphone, Rock'n'Roll album covers, balloons, a book to be donated to an underpriviledged children's library or shelter

2. The tables could be named after each Rock'n'Roll star/band or album title with her son's name included, such as Jason's Magical Mystery Tour table OR Jason and the Rolling Stones table

3. Use multi-colored sunglasses in reverence to Elton John, Rolling Stone magazine covers, tie-dyed scarves or bandanas tied around a basket if a basket is used or as the bottom of the centerpiece

4. Why doesn't she do something constructive and beneficial rather than recycling older centerpieces? She can do a gift basket with Rock'n'Roll accents to be donated to a food pantry. Or she can purchase some CD's for donation to a school, childrens' ward, etc. She can add sheet music, music notes, instrument cut outs, pictures of R&R all stars made from recycled paper.


help me said...

You can also try contacting your local concert arena and seeing if they would give you their old ( voided ) concert tickets for unsold seats and creat a memo board as a center piece that could be surrounded by many of the other items people have shared in other posts.

help me said...

Im trying to create a cool table decor for my son's Bar Mitzvah. He loves to cook and we have a iron chef ckae decorating contest occuring during his reception. Im having a hard time with table centerpiece ideas....Help.