Thursday, January 29, 2009

Goal Setting Tips from Weigh2B

We don't know about you, but we are obsessive list makers. Turns out, writing things down - such as your weight-loss goals - is something Weigh2B founder Susan Kaden encourages. "Write your goals in the positve versus the negative," Susan suggests. "Our subconscious mind does not know right from wrong or how to judge. It does what it is told - the more positive thoughts you feed it, the more positive results you will get!"

Susan also suggests you write out your goals in detail. As she says on her Website, "Let's say you want to change your dress size. Change it to something more specific like, 'I see myself becoming a size six wearing a pair of form-fitting jeans with boots and looking fabulous!'"

One other goal-setting tip Susan offers is to develop goals in six areas of your life: family, spiritual, social, financial, health and emotional. When developing goals in each area, make sure they do not conflict. She gives this example: "You want to lose weight and also want to dine out every night. That will present quite a challenge. Look at your goals carefully and how they fit together."

Check out more of Susan's very helpful advice on her Weigh2B Website.

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